NSP Renewal 2022 – Scholarship Details, Renewal Process, and Timeline

NSP Renewal 2022 – Scholarship Details, Renewal Process, and Timeline**

The NSP (National Scholarship Portal) renewal process is the procedure for renewing a scholarship application through the online portal. Students who have been awarded scholarships through NSP can renew their application for subsequent years by logging into the portal, providing updated information, and fulfilling necessary requirements or documentation. This renewal process enables eligible students to continue receiving the benefits of the scholarship for the designated duration.

Each year, the Government of India announces numerous scholarships for students nationwide, supporting their education at pre-matriculation and post-matriculation levels. Last year, 136 scholarships were available for Indian students to apply for on the NSP portal. More than 110 lakh students apply for these scholarships, with some being fresh applicants and others renewal applicants. Renewing an NSP scholarship involves following a specific process outlined by the National Scholarship Portal. Various types of scholarships are available for renewal, catering to different student categories. When renewing a scholarship, it is crucial to remember key details such as the application timeline, safeguarding the application ID, and updating the registered mobile number if necessary.

Before delving into the NSP renewal process, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the National Scholarship Portal. Who introduced this portal, why was it introduced, who can benefit from it, and what are the application timelines for NSP fresh and renewal applications? The answers to these questions are covered in the table below:

**Detailed Overview of the NSP Portal**
– Portal Name: National Scholarship Portal
– Launched by: Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India
– Number of Scholarships listed: 136
– Scholarship Categories: Central Schemes, UGC/AICTE Schemes, and State Schemes
– Benefits offered: Variable benefits
– Application Process: Online
– Application Timeline: July/August to October/November (tentative)
– Academic Year: 2023-24

NSP Renewal – Scholarship Details**

Every year, the Government of India invites students to apply for fresh scholarships and scholarship renewals through the [National Scholarship Portal](https://www.buddy4study.com/article/national-scholarship-portal) to cater to the needs of students at different education levels. Whether you are studying at the school level or college level, you can find scholarships for your academic requirements on the portal. These scholarships aim to support students from various segments of society, including SC, ST, OBC, and Minority communities. The broad categories under which all scholarships are listed include –

NSP Renewal – Step-Wise Renewal Application**

Every year, renewal applications begin after the announcement of fresh applications. Students who meet the renewal conditions for the scholarships can follow the steps below to apply for renewal:

Step 1:** Visit the [official website](https://scholarships.gov.in/) of the National Scholarship Portal.

Step 2:** Under the ‘Login’ button, a drop-down list will appear displaying the ‘Fresh’ and ‘Renewal’ options for subsequent academic years.

Step 3:** Select the ‘Renewal’ option for the academic year you wish to apply for.

Step 4:** A login page will open. Enter the application ID (same as last year’s registration ID), password, and captcha to log in successfully.

Step 5:** After a successful login, proceed to make the renewal application by filling in all required details (as specified).

Step 6:** Upload all the necessary supporting documents.

Step 7:** Finally, submit the application.

NSP Renewal – Key Points to Remember**

When heading towards the NSP renewal process, remember these important points:

– Keep your application ID (from the fresh application) safe and accessible, as it will be necessary during the renewal process. If you forget your application ID, you can retrieve it through the ‘Forgot Application ID?’ button on the login page by providing the registered bank account number.

– Similarly, if you forget the password from the previous year’s registration, you can recover it using the ‘Recover Password?’ button on the login page.

– To update your registered mobile number, utilize the ‘Update Mobile Number?’ button on the login page. Note that the mobile number can only be updated once, and after updating, it cannot be changed again. Certain details will be required to update the mobile number.

– Students eligible for renewal should not apply under the fresh category to avoid submitting duplicate applications, which will subsequently be rejected. If a student intends to apply for a fresh scholarship, they must withdraw their renewal application to prevent rejection.

– Finally, if the scholarship is being disbursed for a completed course, the applicant is not eligible to apply for its renewal.

NSP Renewal – FAQs**

Q. When is the last date to apply for NSP renewal?**
The last date to apply for both fresh and renewal applications is the same. For the academic year 2022-23, the last dates for various scholarships are September 30, 2022, October 31, 2022, and November 15, 2022. It is advisable for students to check and confirm the deadline on the official website before proceeding with NSP renewal.

Q. How do I renew my NSP scholarship?**
The process for NSP renewal is similar to that of fresh applications. Students are required to log in to the portal using their registered application ID and password and proceed with the renewal application. For a step-by-step description of NSP renewal, refer to the ‘Step-wise renewal application’ section above.

Q. I have already received a scholarship through NSP. Should I apply afresh to get it again for subsequent years?**
If you are applying for the same scholarship that you received previously, you must make a ‘renewal application’ rather than a fresh application. However, if your course of study has been completed and you want to apply for another scholarship, you can apply as a fresh candidate. In both cases, it is essential not to submit duplicate applications for any scholarship, as it may lead to rejection.

Q. What conditions must be followed for NSP renewal?**
The conditions for NSP renewal may vary from scholarship to scholarship, primarily dependent on academic performance. If a student fails to pass their current course of study, they might not be able to apply for renewal. Furthermore, it is advisable to thoroughly review the renewal conditions of the respective scholarships before applying.


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